What is Day 1 Scale?

We asked ourselves a simple question

The question was easy, the answer wasn't.
➠ Since inception, we have continued to build on the answers to this very question by creating strategic partnerships with third parties.
➠ We have created opportunities for our portfolio companies to accelerate their revenue and reduce their cost of operations.

Within India: Access to

➠ 35, 000 locations across states (urban and rural villages inclusive)
➠ Over 5 Million Households across India; ~ 25Million to 40M population
➠ Over ~ 5000 readily available Freelance Agents to market/ sale your product and services, across India (on a Success Fee model)
➠ Over 600,000 grey, blue and white collar workers to further strengthen your team

It is simple

➠ Fill and submit form below
➠ One of our team members will reach out to you within 72 working hours to discuss your requirement and put you in touch with your partners.

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Insurance for company, its assets, for people and family

Coverage is against any liability arising out of claim from Investor’s/shareholders, Employees and/or due to negligence in performing ones duties towards Regulatory Compliance, Accounting Irregularities, Corporate Governance, Employees discrimination etc.

The Key management Personnel including Founders, Co-Founders and CXOs on whom the performance and progress of the Company is concerned should be covered with Term Life Insurance in the form of Keyman Insurance Policy.

Coverage is against any Liability arising out of use of the product.

In case of service industry, this policy would provide coverage against liability arising out of providing the service to the clients.

Coverage is against any liability arising out of any accident happening at the Insured premises.

Assets of the Insured are protected against Fire & Allied Perils and Burglary.

Any Stock while in transit is covered under this policy.

Health Insurance is very important to cover high medical expenditure that may be incurred by the employees, which are an important asset today.


Also we would like to give below the highlights of the Services

Access to multiple Insurance Companies would enable Emerge to provide the most competitive premium after comparing the Premium from various insurance companies.

Right Insurance Coverage is very crucial at the time of buying any Insurance Policy. Our Experienced Team would be able to analyse the Insurance requirement of the clients and design/suggest the right coverage.

Timely and proper claim settlement is the most important part of the overall Insurance Cycle. Emerge Team are in a position to guide and provide assistance to the Insured for the same.

Feet on street for product sales and market insights

Coverage within each state